Allen, Now Alabama’s All-american Defensive Lineman And Maybe The Best College Football Player In The Country, Coolly Says He Likes To Get Worked Up For Games And Play Angry Because That’s What He Saw Ray Lewis Do On Tv.

Allen really did go into a rage. He really did turn green. Well, close anyway. His own high school teammates were afraid to talk to him on game days. Allen, now Alabama’s All-American defensive lineman and maybe the best college football player in the country, coolly says he likes to get worked up for games and play angry because that’s what he saw Ray Lewis do on TV. So it’s a planned emotion. Oh, but this rage was real. And opponents didn’t think he could control it, but instead that it was controlling him. Some of his own teammates wondered. “There was this one game with a predominantly white school,” said Cameron Reynolds, Allen’s close friend and high school teammate. “They were calling him the N-word, throwing popcorn at him.

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