Look For Both Offenses To Try And Pound The Ball On The Ground With Each Defense Loading The Box And Daring The Quarterbacks To Beat Them.

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Dose: Ugly Matchup in H-Town Opposite Cook will be Brock Osweiler after coach Bill OBrien announced him as the starter on Tuesday. Tom Savage , who recently replaced Osweiler as the starter, is in the concussion protocol. Look for both offenses to try and pound the ball on the ground with each defense loading the box and daring the quarterbacks to beat them. As our own Evan Silva noted on Twitter on Tuesday, the 36.5-point total for this game is the lowest for a playoff matchup since Tim Tebow was the Broncos quarterback in 2011. The running backs look like the only trustworthy fantasy plays in this game. However, Amari Cooper did say he plans to demand the ball this week. Cooper hasnt topped 60 yards receiving in seven of the past eight games and has just four 100-yard outings. He had none after the Week 10 bye. Cooper wouldnt be a bad tournament play in DFS this weekend. In Other News The Ravens cut future Hall of Fame KR Devin Hester last month. He spent the final few weeks of the season on the street.useful link

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